Smoked salmon and asparagus scramble

Salmon and asparagus scramble

Being a twenty-something and living on my own, I really feel like I have my life together when I manage to make it to the grocery store. For the last three weeks I have ordered delivery about every two to three days, on average–not kidding. Luckily, living in Los Angeles means I have more options than just pizza and MSG ridden, Chinese food. Not saying I completely avoided those (3 a.m. pizza is the best pizza), but LA has plenty of healthier choices for those unwilling to pick up a bag of spinach at the store for three weeks. So basically I didn’t commit gluttony with my delivery binge, I was just being slothful. I really blame Billy Joel for teaching me that the sinners have much more fun.

Anyway, last week I decided it was time to get back into adulthood, so I dragged my ass to the store and checked “productivity” off my to-do list for the week. I can’t explain the joy I felt having a refrigerator full of fresh produce, meats, etc rather than half-eaten take out boxes. Cue praying hands emoji.

The first dish I made is what I am sharing with you, today. I rarely buy smoked salmon from the store, but I needed to yolo after my comestible dry spell. It pairs really nicely with eggs as their richness complements the saltiness of the salmon. And asparagus is a classic accompaniment to salmon, so it seemed fitting, here. My taste buds were super pleased with this dish, and happy to have something homemade again.



  • eggs
  • smoked salmon (I used Private Selections wild caught)
  • asparagus
  • red onion
  • olive oil
  • pepper (I didn’t use salt as the salmon is super salty)
  • avocado (for garnish)


First you’ll want to prep your mise en place (which will forever be engrained in my head thanks to miss Anne Burrell). Mise en place is just a fancy French word that means to prepare all your ingredients before you start cooking. So in this case you should dice the red onion, cut the asparagus into 1-inch pieces, and pull apart the salmon into bite-size pieces.

Next, heat some olive oil in a pan over med-low heat. Add the red onions and let them soften. Next add the asparagus to the pan and cook for about 3 minutes, until slightly soft and bright green in color. While the vegetables are cooking, crack your eggs in a bowl and scramble with a whisk or fork. I actually didn’t add any milk or water to my egg mixture, but feel free to do so if that’s how you usually prepare scrambled eggs. Crack some fresh black pepper and salt (if you you want–I found it to be salty enough with just the salmon) into the eggs.

Add the smoked salmon and egg mixture to the pan and cook over low heat, stirring occasionally. You don’t want the heat to be too high because the protein in the eggs with cause them to become tough. Cook through to your desired doneness and garnish with avocado.

*Not pictured: gallon of Cholula. Highly recommended. 

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